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Teeth Whitening

Deep Bleaching – The most amazing teeth whitening system ever!

With options such as bonding, veneers, porcelain crowns, and teeth whitening it may be difficult to know which procedure would best serve you and your cosmetic desires.

People generally have one or more of the following concerns about their front teeth:Size, shape, position or shade. If you are not happy about the size, shape and or position of your teeth your best options will be orthodontic treatment or veneers/crowns to resolve your concerns.  If you are only unhappy with the shade, and your teeth are healthy, then we have a method to get them their absolute whitest!  It is called "Deep Bleaching" and in as little as 2 to 3 weeks your teeth can be whiter than you've ever imagined.  This is a great esthetic treatment because it is the most conservative and least expensive option.  In my opinion it is always best to use the most conservative cosmetic method possible. I believe that there is no dentistry better than no dentistry.  That means the less we alter your natural teeth the better.

Deep Bleaching is significantly more reliable and effective than traditional at home whitening or any in office whitening system available that utilizes a light or a laser. It is not that other whitening systems don't work, because many do. It is just that the Deep Bleaching system and protocol is so much more predictable and effective in achieving amazing results. If you have been frustrated with unpredictable or disappointing results from other teeth whitening methods then Deep Bleaching is your solution. Deep Bleaching works for even the most challenging cases.


There are three main reasons Deep Bleaching works better than any other teeth whitening product:

  • First the method of fabricating the whitening trays is significantly more precise than any other system. This allows the trays to fit better. The better the trays fit, the better the results. The trays are fabricated in a lab where quality and precision are of up most importance.
  • Second the whitening gel used is carefully shipped in thermally insulated containers so that the temperature is never too high. High temperatures degrade the gel and make them less effective.
  • Third the gel is packaged and delivered in a way in which the chemicals are combined at just the right time to assure the highest level of efficiency.

There are many ways to whiten your teeth. We have found one to be superior. If you want your teeth to look their best then Deep Bleaching is the most predictable and effective solution you can find.

Examples of Deep Bleaching
by Stephen F. Johansen

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