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Microscope Dentistry

If you can't see it, you can't treat it. And, if you can see it you should see it very well.

dr johansen microscope dentistry utah

Magnification has been a centerpiece in Dr. Johansen's practice for many years. He is part of a very small group of general dentists in the country who use a surgical operating microscope. Microscope Enhanced Dentistry allows Dr. Johansen to perform procedures with a level of precision and accuracy not attainable with the naked eye. Much of what is done in modern dentistry is very precise work requiring significant levels of magnification. These levels of magnification are only attainable with a microscope.

For Dr. Johansen when it came to microscopes, seeing was believing.  After his first opportunity to work with a microscope he knew there was no going back.  Dr. Johansen has said that a dentists' hands are only as good as his eyes allow them to be.  With the aid of magnification through a microscope Dr. Johansen believes that he is doing the most precise, accurate work he can possible do.